Livio Lunin – Game designer and programmer

Baba Yuga


This dark fairy tale explores the interplay of empathy and oppression in a relationship with a presumed enemy.

More at babayuga.com

Save the water (2017)

For the ZHdK and the ETH Zurich we develop a serious game (board game and mobile app) to motivate farmers in china to save groundwater.

guantao-1 guantao-2

White (2015)

With a younger sister the player flees through a big white desert. He has to care about her, find food and protect her.

white_game_screenshot1_comp white_game_screenshot2_comp White_Screenshot13 Kopie White_Screenshot17 Kopie

Mint-Land (2013)

For the ZHdK and the ETH Zurich we developed a serious game to motivate young girls to study science.

mintland-3 mint-land-11.

Polpettone (2012)

In a tamagotchi-like mobile game, the player could caress or distress a small toy bunny.

bunny3_s bunny5_s

Tête à Pied (2010)

As a giant the player wanted to reach the end of the valley to meet a date. But the valley was full of small gnomes and because the giant was very sentimental, you didn’t want to trample them down.



tete-a-pied-controller2We produced a special controller for the game, with each hand on a string the player could move one foot.